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Did you know? Nearly half of all HVAC systems are installed incorrectly. While it’s assumed that homeowners would be aware of this installation defect, they rarely are. That’s because a low quality installation doesn’t mean that the unit will not work. It simply means that it will not work at the capacity that it should. What consumers may notice is that they struggle to maintain a level of comfort in their home, while their energy bill skyrockets. Additionally, with added strain on the unit, homeowners might be faced with expensive repairs and a system with a shorter lifespan. Without question, the key to energy savings for your heating and cooling system is proper installation.

New heating and air conditioning systems come with the promise of better performance and optimal efficiency. Thus, homeowners expect consistency in the comfort of their homes, as well as improved air quality and energy savings. Yet, the system itself is only able to fulfill half of these promises. The rest depends upon the knowledge and expertise of the technician that installs the unit. Familiarity with assessing heating and cooling loads, airflow, and ductwork is essential to a successful installation—one that will maximize comfort while reducing energy costs.

Trained HVAC professionals understand that a new heating and cooling system needs immediate maintenance. This means checking for potential leaks, safety hazards, and any malfunctions. Ducts should be unobstructed and each component must be checked to ensure that they are hooked up to the correct power source. When all of these factors are considered, homeowners experience lower energy costs by reducing the amount of heating and cooling their home needs.

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Perhaps a technician has installed a new HVAC in your home, and you suspect that your new unit was installed incorrectly. In turn, maybe you’ve having trouble keeping a comfortable temperature in your home. The trained technicians at ClimateSmith, LLC, remains one of Georgia’s leading HVAC repair and installation companies, with first rate air conditioning, heating and commercial HVAC repair and maintenance services. Whatever your needs are—you can be sure that our services are professional, affordable, and reliable. Call ClimateSmith, LLC today!

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