Air Ducts: A Matter of Balance

Alpharetta GA HVAC CompanyIn any season, you may notice that some rooms in your home or office are warmer or cooler than others. This is a common heating, ventilation and air conditioning problem. When considering airflow in your space, it’s usually a matter of air duct balancing.

Much of the time, you can address the concern of airflow yourself. Located in the basement or attic, dampers are installed on the individual supply runs, coming off of the main supply run. These dampers (look for metal handles that open and close) control the amount of air pushing through the duct. You may dampen, or decrease, the airflow to specific rooms that are getting too much air. For a system that doesn’t have obvious dampers, the airflow can still be balanced. In this case, the balancing will need to take place at the supply register itself.

To better understand the space you are trying to balance, you may take the following into account:

  • Is the area you are trying to balance near a long duct, with lots of twists?
  • Is the area exposed to extreme temperatures? For example, is it over a garage?
  • Is the area insulated well?

In addition, you may check the following:

  • Filters (are your filters dirty and blocking airflow?)
  • Vents (are the vents fully open?)
  • Windows (are windows closed tightly, so that air cannot escape?)

For the most part, balancing the air ducts in your space can be simple. Yet, if you suspect a problem with any of the following, a call to the service team at ClimateSmith is a must:

  • Improper Insulation
  • Fan Speed
  • Blower Wheel or Coil
  • Damage to Ductwork
  • Debris or Obstruction Inside the Duct

Our licensed HVAC technicians are committed to providing you with the balance that will bring you the most comfort. Call us today!

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