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Georgia’s winter season is unpredictable at best. Yet, with lots of activity, traveling, and family gatherings, the last thing homeowners want to worry about is a malfunctioning heat pump. Thus, as you prepare for the winter months, here are some common heat pump problems to be aware of:

  1. When Your Heat Pump is Covered In Ice: When ice or frost appears on the coils of your heat pump, there is a defrost cycle that will de-ice the pump. Yet, when ice or frost forms over the entire unit, this is cause for concern. 
  2. A tripped breaker or a blown fuse during winter months can result in your heat pump malfunctioning or not working at all. If it ceases to work after you’ve reset the fuses and circuits, it’s time to call an HVAC professional.
  3. Occasionally, heat pumps will blow cold air. When this happens, there are a few things that you can do. First, make sure that the thermostat is not set to “cool.” You may also check the level of refrigerant. If these levels are low or you suspect a leak, this could mean that there’s a problem with the compressor, or that there’s a problem with the line containing the refrigerant. An HVAC professional should be called to service your system.
  4. In some cases, homeowners find that their heat pumps are dripping. This is typically a drainage issue. The concern is that improper drainage can lead to the pump freezing over. Some questions to ask are: “Is my heat pump placed on a sturdy, level surface?” “Is it submerged in snow?” These are important, because the coils of the heat pump must be dry for it to work properly. An HVAC technician will check these as well as your filters to ensure that these drainage problems do not happen.
  5. As with heat pumps that lead and drip, blocked coils can result in moisture and condensation collecting around them. This is never a good thing, because moisture will easily freeze in colder temperatures. As a rule, keep the area around the coils clear to prevent problems with airflow.
  6. As mentioned, elements such as snow, ice, freezing rain, and even wind can interfere with how your heat pump works. In some instances, these will cause the fan of the pump to stop working. Typically, this means that ice is blocking the fan. While you may wait until the ice melts or pour warm water over the ice to melt it yourself, it may be best to contact your HVAC serviceman.

When it comes to your heat pump, you may be able to remedy some of the deficiencies yourself. Yet, it is always highly recommended to follow-up with your HVAC professional. After all, there may be an underlying issue that needs to be repaired, and it’s always better to have peace of mind, especially during the busy holiday season and winter months.

The family owned and operated HVAC professionals at ClimateSmith LLC are your heating and cooling specialists. We pride ourselves on helping home and business owners in the greater Atlanta areas save money with superior service and installation services. Whether you need a system analysis, installation, or repair, your call is welcome today. 


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