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Natural Ways To Lower Humidity In Your Home

Let’s face it—summertime humidity in Georgia is almost always above the comfortable range. While pools and water parks are a great way to keep cool for many Atlanta-area families, others seek respite indoors. Yet, according to DIY Natural, it’s unreasonable to assume that the heavy moisture outside will not get into our homes. Thus, if you find yourself sweating, if you’re not sleeping well or if the air feels wet, there are a few natural ways to lower humidity in your home this season.

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Tuning Your Thermostat For The Summer

Did you know that you could save money this summer, without sacrificing comfort? By following a simple strategy, Energy Saver explains that homeowners can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling by turning their thermostat back 7-10 degrees for about 8 hours each day. While the percentage of savings will be higher in milder climates, tuning your thermostat can still make a difference this summer.

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HVAC Accessories and Tips To Save You Money

While warmer temperatures are a welcome change from the chill of winter, the rising costs associated with cooling a space has many home and business owners searching for ways to conserve energy. Continue reading below to learn about HVAC accessories and tips to save you money.

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Spring Forward Comfortably with Balanced Air Ducts

Families across the Atlanta metro area have adjusted their clocks forward signaling the start of spring and warmer temperatures on the way. As such, they will likely switch temperature settings in their homes from heating to cooling. Yet, imagine that when transitioning from heating to cooling, a homeowner notices that one room is too cool, while another is not cool enough. In checking the registers, the homeowner also notices that while each register is open, the amount of airflow from room to room is varied. When this happens, it’s likely that the duct airflow system is not balanced properly. That’s why it’s important to contact an HVAC expert that can assess the airflow in your home and help you spring forward comfortably with balanced air ducts.

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Why A Regular Tune-Up Is A Great Idea

While obligations and activities outside of the home keep many metro-Atlanta families busy, nothing beats the feeling of finally coming home after a long day of work or social time. Yet, the comfort of one’s home is not something to take for granted. After all, if a furnace or air conditioning unit fails to function properly, the temperature in a family’s home might force them out until a repair is made. That’s why a regular tune-up is a great idea, and the trained technicians at ClimateSmith, LLC explain why.

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HVAC Components

To ensure that a home or commercial business is clean, comfortable and maintains good air quality, a combination of HVAC components work together. Best HVAC Companies has compiled a list of 8 basic components, including the thermostat, furnace, heat exchanger, evaporator coil, condensing unit, refrigerant lines, ductwork and vents. Needless to say, when one or more components fail to function properly, the ability of the HVAC unit to circulate hot or cold air as necessary is affected.

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Chris Aber

I have recommended this company to everyone. They have a very professional staff, that are timely as well as respectful of your time and your home. Prices are very reasonable and the quality and service are amazing.

Robert Brant

They came out right away and properly fixed my AC problem a month after the original AC company came out. Very professional and honest. They could have charged me double (which is what the original company did) and I would not have questioned it and would have gladly paid it. THANKS!

Keith Shelton

I generally don't post but will make an exception. ClimateSmith is the best HVAC contractor I've used in the 20+ years I've been in Atlanta. They installed a complete heat pump system and ductwork for a very challenging room to cool. Dependable, fair, honest, knowledgeable..highly recommended!