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High Performance HVAC Equipment: Cost Savings For Your Commercial Business

If you’re a business owner in today’s economy, you’re well aware of the significant costs required to keep your business operating efficiently, with even greater demands following if your business runs out of a commercial facility. Accounting for 39% of the total energy consumed in the United States, commercial buildings, along with government agencies must rely on HVAC systems. Thus, when it comes to the design of these units, high-performance HVAC equipment can help commercial businesses realize substantial cost savings of up to 40%.

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A Comfortable Home: Learning The Basics

With the turn of the seasons, many will find that they are adjusting their heating and cooling units to bring comfort to their homes. Yet, when it comes to HVAC systems, most do not have the tools to make the best decisions concerning their equipment. For a comfortable home in the season to come, it’s best to learn the basics.

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R-22 (Freon): Phasing Out

At this point, most consumers are aware of the phasing out of R-22 (Freon), as initiated by the Environmental Protection Agency, beginning in 2010. Previously used in air conditioners and heat pumps, R-22 refrigerant contains CFC’s, or chlorofluorocarbons, and has proved damaging to the ozone layer. Yet, for consumers with HVAC systems and other equipment still using the R-22 coolant, many are wondering how this change will affect them.

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Important HVAC Features For Your New Home

Are you on the hunt for a new home? Have you considered what type of HVAC system will work best for you? You may be surprised to learn that the HVAC system is the one thing that homeowners are most dissatisfied with once they’ve spent some time in their new home. That’s why we’ve outlined some important HVAC features for your new home here.

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Do I Need A Carbon Monoxide Detector In My Home?

As the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in the U.S., carbon monoxide is a toxic gas with no odor, color, or taste. Exposure to carbon monoxide, even in small amounts, can have significant health effects on the central nervous system and heart. In large amounts, it can quickly lead to death. Thus, if you’re asking, “Do I Need A Carbon Monoxide Detector In My Home?” The answer is a resounding—YES.

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Do I Need A Dehumidifier In My Home?

With temperatures on the rise, it’s important to maintain regular HVAC maintenance to ensure that your indoor environment is cool and comfortable. As part of a regular system checkup, it’s also a good idea to have the humidity levels checked in your home. When a home has too little moisture, cracks can form in wood floors and furniture.

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Chris Aber

I have recommended this company to everyone. They have a very professional staff, that are timely as well as respectful of your time and your home. Prices are very reasonable and the quality and service are amazing.

Robert Brant

They came out right away and properly fixed my AC problem a month after the original AC company came out. Very professional and honest. They could have charged me double (which is what the original company did) and I would not have questioned it and would have gladly paid it. THANKS!

Keith Shelton

I generally don't post but will make an exception. ClimateSmith is the best HVAC contractor I've used in the 20+ years I've been in Atlanta. They installed a complete heat pump system and ductwork for a very challenging room to cool. Dependable, fair, honest, knowledgeable..highly recommended!