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Alpharetta Home Dehumidification Systems

Humidity refers to the amount of water vapor in the air. All homes need humidity control to keep the air in the house healthy as well as to protect the house itself. In certain areas of the country, such as Georgia, humidity can be a problem all year round.

Humidity inside a home promotes the growth of mold and dust mite populations. Both of these are significant allergens and can trigger rhinitis and asthma in those who live in the home and breath the air inside the home. High levels of humidity can also be very damaging to the house itself. If left untreated, excessive humidity can cause rot and draw pests to the home.

Home Dehumidifiers

As part of your regular HVAC maintenance, there are several different options available for treating the excess humidity in your home. One option is a whole home dehumidifier. Whole home dehumidifiers are installed as a part of your home’s heating and cooling system. They work in conjunction with your air conditioner to efficiently balance humidity levels throughout the home. They can also work independently during the times in which your air conditioner is not running. Portable dehumidifiers are stand-alone units that need to be plugged into a wall. They are usually used to treat the humidity in a basement or particular room rather than the entire house.

Some signs that your home may have a humidity problem are as follows:

• Wet stains on the walls and ceilings

• Musty smells

• Condensation on windows

• Mold growth in bathroom(s)

• Allergic reactions

Dehumidifier Service & Repair

If you think there may be too much humidity in your home, you can measure the humidity using a device called a hygrometer. It is also referred to as a “humidity sensor” or “relative humidity indicator.” Since excessive humidity can be detrimental to your health and the health of your home, you may want to call a licensed HVAC professional to test the level of humidity in your home.

The HVAC professionals at Climatesmith have years of experience testing the humidity in homes and installing systems to treat excess humidity in both new and existing homes. Whether you are looking for a whole house dehumidifier to work in conjunction with your existing heating and cooling system or just a portable dehumidifier, we can help.

Please give contact our Dehumidification Systems Company today to schedule and appointment with one of our HVAC professionals today. We look forward to working with you.