Does Your Home Feel Humid?

Alpharetta GA HVAC ContractorsAs summer draws near, residents in Atlanta and surrounding areas will experience temperatures reaching 90 degrees or more. While air conditioning units are working overtime, many are surprised when the air in their home feels sticky and moist, which begs the question, “Does your home feel humid?

A number of factors contribute to the humidity in a home. Yet, a primary cause is often an oversized air conditioner. When the air conditioner is too big, it turns off and on frequently in short cycles, and cools the home too quickly. To better understand, consider the inside of an air conditioning unit. The evaporator coil is the component used to cool the air. When the unit is running, the temperature of the coil stays below the dew point. This means that water will leave the air and begin to condense. It condenses on the evaporator coil. Thus, while the air in your home is cooled when the air conditioning unit is running, it is also removing moisture and humidity from the air. The problem is—when a unit is too large, it runs in shorter cycles, which do not allow enough time to properly dehumidify the home. As a rule, if you notice that your air conditioning unit runs 15 minutes each cycle on a hot day, it may be too large for your space.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation in your home relating to an air conditioning unit that is too large, there are a few solutions that will help. First, you may consider installing a dehumidifier. However, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the types of dehumidifiers (portable or whole-home) to determine which will suit your needs. Second, if your air conditioning unit is older, and you suspect that it’s almost time to replace it, a qualified professional can find the perfect match for the size of your home. They may also suggest a two stage central unit, which naturally adjusts to the temperature outside.

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