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Ductless, Mini-Split-System Heat Pumps: What You Need To Know

ClimateSmith LogoFor homes with non-ducted heating systems such as radiant panels, space heaters or hot water heaters, a ductless, mini-split-system heat pump is a viable “add-on” component. Similarly, these systems are an option when extended ductwork is not possible, as well as for homes that need extra conditioning for small spaces.

With two main components, an outdoor compressor and an indoor air-handling unit, a ductless mini-split-system heat pump resembles a standard air-source heat pump. The outdoor and indoor units are linked through a conduit that contains the power cable, tubing and a condensate drain.

While an obvious benefit of a mini-split heat pump is its size, another advantage is its ability to provide flexible heating and cooling for individual rooms or spaces. If a home or building is old and insulation is poor, for instance, several mini-split systems can be put in place to provide ample conditioning. Because each “zone” has a thermostat, heating and cooling is easy to control, which saves energy and money.

From an installation standpoint, ductless, mini-split systems are easier to place and position. For example, suppose a homeowner needs added conditioning in the front rooms of their home. Generally, there are varying lengths when it comes to connecting conduits. As such, an outdoor compressor can be placed as far as 50 feet from an indoor unit, in a more obscure area outside of a home or building.

As versatile add-on systems, mini-split heat pumps also compliment interior design features. For instance, indoor air handlers can be mounted flush or suspended against a ceiling, hung on a wall or installed as a floor model. Even if the unit is out of reach, a remote control allows for easy manageability. With a sleek, high-tech exterior, ductless mini-split-systems are a high-value option for many home or business owners looking for added heating, cooling and comfort.

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