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Heat Pumps: Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling

ClimateSmith Heat PumpsGiven its design, heat pumps operate similar to refrigerators, as refrigerant flows through indoor and outdoor coils. As such, when a heat pump is “heating,” the liquid refrigerant passes through a valve on its way to the outdoor coil. The valve causes the liquid to expand rapidly, and this converts the liquid refrigerant into a gas. Moreover, as the refrigerant is cooled, it absorbs heat from the air as it flows through the outdoor coil. Yet, before entering the indoor coil, it must pass through a compressor to increase the temperature of the gas. Consequently, the gas then reaches the indoor coil, condenses and releases heat to a space.

Heat pumps have a passive source of energy. In other words, heat pumps are run by electricity, and this is only used to move the heat around. It is not used to create it. With a reverse valve that allows for energy efficient cooling as well, a heat pump provides a great alternative to furnaces and air conditioners for homes and businesses across North Georgia and the Atlanta metro-area.

With slight variations, there are two primary sources of heat pumps—air-to-air and ground-source. The example mentioned above is that of an air-to-air heat pump, as it extracts heat from the outdoors and pulls it inside for quick heating. Given the same heat pump during the summer, a similar mechanism is used to remove heat from the indoor air and push it outside. On the other hand, the ground source heat pump draws heat into a space from the ground. When temperatures are hot, this type of heat pump simply removes heat from the indoor air to provide cooling.

Aside from air-to-air and ground-source heat pumps, there is an option of a dual-fuel heat pump. This unique combination of an electric heat pump and a gas furnace brings homeowners a superior level of heating. To explain how a duel-fuel heat pump works, it begins by moving heat into a home. However, when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing, the gas furnace component comes for continued heating. Homeowners still save money in the long run, because the gas furnace works only when temperatures drop to a certain level.

The licensed technicians at ClimateSmith LLC are experts when it comes to heating and cooling residential and commercial properties throughout Atlanta and North Georgia. Furthermore, our specialists understand that heat pumps operate well in moderate climates, and with regular maintenance, homeowners can enjoy comfortable temperatures for many, many seasons.

To discuss options to heat your home or business using a heat pump, call ClimateSmith LLC today.

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