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HVAC Accessories Alpharetta

At ClimateSmith LLC, we provide a variety of accessories and components for all of your HVAC needs. We offer the following items:

Humidifiers - Humidifiers help improve the air quality within a home. It will not only improve the overall health of you and your family, it also enhances a person’s well-being. We provide energy-efficient humidifiers at reasonable prices.

Standard Medium and High Capacity Air Filters - We provide medium and high capacity air filters to improve your indoor air quality through an enhanced level of particulate filtration. We also provide indoor air quality testing.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors - Everyone needs a carbon monoxide detector to protect against this odorless and deadly gas. We provide energy-efficient carbon monoxide alarms. We highly recommend installing a CO Detector on each level of a home.

Energy Saving Thermostats - One way to save energy in your home is to use a programmable thermostat. It not only saves energy it will save you money as well. According to experts, the average U.S. household pays over $2,200 annually on energy bills. A large portion of this goes directly to cooling and heating. You can actually save approximately $180 annually by setting your thermostats at a programmable setting.

Air Conditioning Components

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