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Natural Ways To Lower Humidity In Your Home

Family Sitting in Front of Couch Let’s face it—summertime humidity in Georgia is almost always above the comfortable range. While pools and water parks are a great way to keep cool for many Atlanta-area families, others seek respite indoors. Yet, according to DIY Natural, it’s unreasonable to assume that the heavy moisture outside will not get into our homes. Thus, if you find yourself sweating, if you’re not sleeping well or if the air feels wet, there are a few natural ways to lower humidity in your home this season.

To begin, take a look at your cold or hot water pipes. Condensation from these areas will add to humidity levels. A cheap, simple way to better insulate these pipes is to use a pool noodle. By slicing the noodle, it will fit over the pipe, akin to a pipe sleeve.

Setting up fans throughout the house will help move air and reduce evaporation, while programming your air conditioning to a “dry” setting can help remove moisture. Yet, don’t forget to replace the filters in your furnace/AC, so that airflow is not restricted!

Another way to combat humidity in the home is to cover exposed soil in houseplants. The water in houseplants evaporates quickly, adding moisture to the environment. The plants may appear dry, so homeowners will water them more often, and the cycle continues.

Practical ways to reduce moisture in the home include taking shorter showers and hanging clothes to dry outdoors. To explain, long showers produce extra steam that increases humidity. In the same way, dryers (even those that are vented outside) produce excess moisture in a home, as well as hanging them to dry over a hanger or chair (remember-evaporation adds to moisture!). Thus, the better option is to allow clothes to dry outside.

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In tackling the level of humidity in your Georgia home, the above-mentioned tips will certainly help. However, perhaps the best way to ensure that your home stays cool and comfortable this summer is to call the experts at ClimateSmith, LLC. As heating and cooling specialists, our top client rated company provides repair and installation, as well as diagnostic services to ensure that your HVAC system is running efficiently all season long.

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