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When Your AC Freezes Up

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Perhaps you’ve noticed that frost has formed along the cooper coil outside of your AC. In fact, maybe a solid block of ice has formed. Fortunately, when your AC freezes up, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something serious is wrong with your unit. Better yet, it is usually a straightforward fix.

Most HVAC specialists agree—when an air conditioning unit freezes, it’s best to turn off the system to allow the frost or ice to thaw. Depending on how much frost has built up, however, it’s wise to keep an eye on the drain pan. Too much water could result in damage to the unit. For the most part, allowing the frost to thaw completely will solve the problem. However, when other factors are at play, it is best to contact an experienced HVAC technician. Some of these are explained below.

What Causes An Air Conditioner To Freeze Up?

In some cases, an AC will freeze up because it is low on refrigerant, specifically R22. This all comes down to how the R22 passes through the lines, along with the pressure in the system. In short, refrigerant behaves differently with changing pressure, and this could cause moisture to condense and then freeze.

Dirty air conditioner coils may also cause the system to freeze up. To better understand, the evaporator coils cool the air. Yet, they also dehumidify it by pulling moisture out of the air. Any condensation produced as a result simply “drips” into the drain pan. However, if the pan is overflowing, the coils will likely freeze from being waterlogged.

Finally, in order for an AC unit to work efficiently, it must contain a proper balance of airflow and air pressure. When airflow is lacking, this could point to a damaged or broken blower fan. Ultimately, condensation forms on the coils and freezes.

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When an AC unit freezes up and impairs cooling to your home, you’ll notice, especially in the hot, humid months of summer. That’s why the experts at ClimateSmith, LLC offer dependable services year-round with checkups and maintenance.

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