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Create a Cozy Environment for Your Employees This Winter

A businessman working in an office.

Creating working environments that are comfortable has always been a challenge for employers. Buildings are different shapes and sizes, which means that no one heating or cooling solution will fit every need. Energy analysis is one of the many ways that you, as a company, get the best from your HVAC system. Imagine working within… Continue reading

Total HVAC Solutions in Alpharetta

HVAC system

Heating and air conditioning are important tools for dealing with Alpharetta weather. Having an HVAC system installed that is reliable, effective and affordable is therefore essential. If something goes wrong with your system, ClimateSmith is on hand to help. A licensed and bonded HVAC technician can assess, service, repair or replace your system. Hiring a… Continue reading

We Provide Emergency Alpharetta HVAC Repair

When your air conditioner is not working, particularly in the humid heat in Georgia, you need immediate, prompt and professional service. It’s inconvenient and uncomfortable for your air conditioner to stop working in the middle of scorching Georgia heat. But emergencies happen, and machines have a way of breaking down when you need them most.… Continue reading

Why Changing Out Your Old Central Air Unit Pays Off

HVAC System Replacement

If you have an older air-conditioning unit, check out the new and improved, energy-efficient models that are available now. Changing to a new AC unit can help you save significantly on energy usage and electricity costs, offsetting a new air conditioning systems investment. A modern, energy-efficient air conditioner can save you up to 40% on… Continue reading

Furnace, Heat Pump or Dual-Fuel System?

AC System

The old furnace finally gave out, and it’s time to replace it. However, a friend told you that in Georgia, since the winters are typically mild, you should get a heat pump, which is more energy-efficient. In addition, you’re wondering if you install a heat pump, will it work with your current Heat, Ventilation &… Continue reading

A Well-Maintained HVAC System Will Help with Allergies

A man sneezing due to allergy.

Are you the type of person who dreads spring because of seasonal allergies? A well-maintained Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system will help. Regardless of the type of airborne allergies you suffer from, your reaction levels are related to the air circulation and quality in your home. Homes can become stuffy when ventilation is… Continue reading

Summer Maintenance of Your HVAC System

AC System

Summer and the hot weather are around the corner, so should you have your HVAC system professionally maintained to prepare for the season? The answer is yes. A good checkup of your entire system is a must before the hot dog days of summer arrive. ClimateSmith LLC provides summer maintenance services for its customers. Addressing… Continue reading

Steps to Make Your House Energy Efficient

Residential House

What items in your Alpharetta-area home need to be addressed to make sure it is energy efficient? Start with an HVAC or heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. This system is responsible for heating and cooling your home and includes elements like furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps as well as ductwork and thermostats. Next on… Continue reading

Why an HVAC Tune-Up is Important in Alpharetta

Homeowners and businesses rely on HVAC systems the year round in Alpharetta. No matter the season, potential problems with AC units and components can cause headaches and stress. From being too cold, too warm or seeing your energy costs going through the roof, there are several ways an HVAC system can let you down. However,… Continue reading

Replacing an HVAC System is Not Always the Right Option

HVAC system

When customers come to ClimateSmith for the first time, it is often with the expectation of having to replace an HVAC system. In many cases, this assumption is due to a bad experience with another HVAC company. Our ethos is not based on charging the highest rates for every callout. We are committed to finding… Continue reading

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Chris A.
I have recommended this company to everyone. They have a very professional staff, that are timely as well as respectful of your time and your home. Prices are very reasonable and the quality and service are amazing.
Robert B.
They came out right away and properly fixed my AC problem a month after the original AC company came out. Very professional and honest. They could have charged me double (which is what the original company did) and I would not have questioned it and would have gladly paid it. THANKS!
Keith S.
I generally don't post but will make an exception. ClimateSmith is the best HVAC contractor I've used in the 20+ years I've been in Atlanta. They installed a complete heat pump system and ductwork for a very challenging room to cool. Dependable, fair, honest, knowledgeable..highly recommended!

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